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Post  SaintMike on Mon 08 Feb 2016, 2:05 am

On Facebook I run a Hangman League and, although I do not think any of our little Forum's users go on Facebook, there is no reason why you shouldn't do it here and I can add you into the League. The current game runs till Wednesday night.

This is what I have on Facebook about it and I will look on here regularly and check whether anyone is having a try..........

(The game ex-Saints players join in)

Based on the old Hangman game, I give you the number of letters in each name and you must guess the letters so that you can get the name. The answer will be the name of a Saints player or manager, past or present.
You should private message me with a letter or letters that you think are in the name. If you are right, I will show you where those letters are placed and you should keep guessing letters until you feel you have enough information to guess the answer.

Each time you make a wrong guess, at either a letter or the answer, you will lose a life and if you lose 10 lives you have lost the game. If you get the answer without losing any lives you will score 10 points, if you lose one life you will score 9 points, if you lose two lives you will score 8 points, if you lose three lives you will score 7 points etc.

Strung up on the gallows in Hangman 34 was DAVID BURNSIDE.



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Ok, now send me a message with your first guess ......and you have until midnight Wednesday 10th February to get the answer.

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