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Post  SaintMike on Wed 12 Nov 2014, 2:16 am

An interesting comment found on another webpage......

You can tell there's an international break as the media are getting desperate for stories and have jumped on the rumour mill in a big way. Several of the stories have an element of truth in them and depending which report you read, there are opposite spins on them. I have just spent the last 2 hours studying many of them and there have been 5 different topics today. Nick has covered one of them (Spurs wanting Mitchell) – here are the other 4:
1. RonKo: Although this was an old story, it has resurfaced today with the Dutch team coach threatening to resign if his team doesn’t beat Latvia on Sunday. They say that RonKo is top of the list to take over. This is, of course, complete rubbish. RonKo went out of his way last month to make his position 100% clear. He is not available and will, at the very least, see his 3 year contract out with Saints. It is ludicrous to suggest otherwise.
2. Morgan: Yes, he has said that he still wanted to play at a bigger club. He has also said that he will definitely be seeing the season out with Saints and seeing how it goes. If Saints qualify for the CL, there is a very high probability that Morg will stay with us. What is a “big” club anyway? We can offer him a better financial deal although I do not believe that money is the main driving factor here. He wants success and to play at the highest level for club and his country. He may be poached by a European club like Real Madrid but his value must be over £40m by now. I am not at all concerned.
3. JayRod: Some reports state that Levy/Spuds are preparing a £20m bid for him in January – either a cash deal or with various fringe players included – ie: totally crap terms! Others have said that Saints are offering him a new 5 year contract. We had all this nonsense in the summer. I will be amazed if JayRod goes in January. We need him – he needs to prove that he can regain both full match fitness and his top form. I would expect that he is keen to play for us again and must be grateful the support from our medical team. We are in control – no worries with this one.
4. Toby: Most reports, including Toby’s own statement today, show that he is keen to make his loan deal a permanent move to Saints and his has never been happier than he is right now. Several reports have said that we are keen to arrange this and have been in talks with Athletico Madrid over the £6.8m buy option in the contract. One report states that the parent club has the right to buy out this option and pay us £1.2m compensation. If that is true (and it may well be so as there was always a great deal of ambiguity at the end of August and in early September over the terms) then Toby could force a move or we could sweeten the deal or both. Whether Athletico want him back for themselves or because they feel his value has doubled since Toby joined us and they want to get a lot more for him is uncertain. I believe that Toby (and Ryan) will be with us for several years at least.
Overall, who knows what to believe. We know that over 90% of these stories are pure fabrication. What we do know is that we have money in the bank and are enjoying a fantastic start to the season. The players are really happy – why would any of them want to leave? On the contrary, we should find it much easier to acquire new players from now on.

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Post  matty07uk on Wed 12 Nov 2014, 10:06 pm

certainly think most will want to see how the season pans out so our run from now until December is really important, if we can stay in top 4 why move? To a team like spuds or Liverhampton to sit on the bench, be booed by your own fans and end up in Europa league if lucky?

Will just wait to see how it pans out but some journos do seem to have a personal agenda against saints, closet skates?

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