Rangers exec and disrespectful remarks

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Rangers exec and disrespectful remarks

Post  Nostromo on Sat 13 Oct 2012, 12:43 pm

Charles Green, the chief executive of Glasgow Rangers (or the entity which has replaced the original Rangers) has been quoted across the media making some pretty arrogant comments about smaller PL clubs, in particular singling out Saints, Aston Villa and Swansea for attention.
While I wouldn't for one minute claim that Saints were a 'big club', more a mid-sized outfit, I think that Mr. Green needs to show a bit more respect. He has branded Saints a 'small' club which is subsidised by the likes of Manchester Utd, written Aston Villa off as 'useless' and claims the fans of the likes of Arsenal don't want to watch teams like Saints or Swansea. I am not one of those football fans who gets angry about the slightest perceived insult where their club is concerned, I am not that precious about it, but I believe that Green's comments are astoundingly arrogant, to say the least, and I can't imagine that Villa and Swansea fans are too thrilled either.

Where would the PL be without the likes of Saints and Villa, not to mention everyone else who has a vanishingly small chance of winning the thing? There wouldn't be much of a competition, would there? Maybe Manchester Utd, etc, would be better off in a European 'super league' then, that way, the rest of us would stand a chance of being able to compete and actually win something. But, Mr. Green might need a reminder of Rangers' current predicament and that, should a 'super league' be formed, they'll get nowhere near it as things stand. He may also need a reminder that Arsenal had a full house for their match against Saints a few weeks ago. Rolling Eyes

Rangers chief exec brands Saints a small team

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Re: Rangers exec and disrespectful remarks

Post  matty07uk on Sun 14 Oct 2012, 9:52 am

Well Green is a pretty objectionable character, and pulled a big scam by buying Rangers from the administrator for a fee of about 5m without anyone else being able to get a bid in yet got assetts worth portentially 80 -90 m when the land and everything is taken into account. They thought they would walk the Div 2 in Scotland which frankly would be non league standard but are struggling there.

Same old argument from the Glasgow clubs Sleep Sleep but they always block any moves within Scotland to make the league more competitive as that would hit their stanglehold of the game in Scotland and their passport to Europe every year.

bet Villa fans are not to pleased either being called useless by a side that cant win away in Scotland Div 2!! As the ex chairman of Sheffield Utd Mr Green knows all about managing a "big" club. Best thing though is just to ignore comments like these. Will have been made for the Rangers media and actually all about him trying to con investors that Rangers are a great investment so please give me your 20m so I can make a quick buck!

Brother in law and son are rangers fans and trust me they dont like Green either, plus Brother in law was at the Paint Pot Trophy and thought it was brilliant!

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